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Different Types Of Electric Generators


There are many reasons to purchase a generator including for backup during a power outage, or to have supply of electricity where it is not usually available such as a campground. Whatever the reason for purchasing a generator, it is important to know the different type of fuels that a generator uses, and the advantages and disadvantages to each one before making your purchase. While a standard generator only has the ability to use one type of fuel, Winco Electric Generators are now available in a tri-fuel model. This tri-fuel model allows the owner to have options in case of a fuel shortage for any reason.

The most common fuel used to power a generator is gasoline, and it is one of the easiest to obtain. On top of being easy to acquire, gasoline is also very lightweight making it convenient for travelers. There are a few problems with using gasoline with as a fuel, because it is very flammable. Gas Winco Electric Generators also burn more fuel to get the same kilowatts as other fuel types. In addition, for storage reasons, it has a very limited shelf life, and becomes unstable.

 Winco Electric Generators

If looking for a readily available alternative to gasoline, diesel fuel may be the route to go. When it comes to storage, it has a long shelf life, and is not explosive making it safe to store. Diesel Winco Electric Generators tend to run louder than other generators, and has a strong odor. This is where propane generators may have the upper hand, because the fuel supply is stable. The downside to propane is it is highly flammable, and explosive. Natural gas is another option for fuel for a generator, but can be hard to find a supply for portable generators. Natural gas is also burns clean and does not add to air pollution like diesel fuel.

The tri-fuel Winco Electric Generators make choosing the type of fuel needed to power a generator less difficult. They also work great in the event of natural disasters that cause the loss in the availability of certain fuels. If looking for a residential generator, this type may be a great option depending on the price range you are looking in. The most important thing to have is a generator that is simple to use, when the situation arises, anyone in the family can use it.

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