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All About The Sport Pac Portable Power Generator


There are many instances when a generator can be a very useful tool to have, particularly in a crisis situation. By purchasing a Sport Pac Portable Power Generator, you will be assured of having a powerful generator that can meet almost all of your needs for power. In addition, you will enjoy the ultimate portability that you will find in this tool.

The Sport Pac Portable Power Generator is encased in a heavy duty case that is resistant to extreme temperature changes as well as chemicals. Due to the type of material that it is made of, you will find this generator to be highly durable as well. Although very portable due to its small size, this generator packs plenty of power for your needs. It is the perfect choice if you need DC power almost anywhere. It is ideal for use in your recreational vehicle, truck, boat, car, and a myriad of other places in which you might need the portability of having power at your fingertips.

 Sport Pac Portable Power Generator

You will find plenty of safety features built right into this heavy duty 12 volt DC power Sport Pac Portable Power Generator. It features a heavy duty, 29 foot long cable that is six gauge. The 12 volt DC power features protection from overload to the system. Do not make the mistake of thinking this generator is not able to provide the power you need. It has a 300 watt inverter that is high surge. This inverter is able to deliver 120 pure volts of power at the exact instant that you need it most.

You will enjoy the technologically advanced battery that is included on the Sport Pac Portable Power Generator. This technologically advanced battery enables the generator to be used in any position. In addition, you can also store the unit in any position. This attribute alone makes this generator a particularly portable one. Unlike some other generators that claim to be portable, this generator is fairly light weight. It can be easily transported to a variety of out of the way locations in order to provide you with the DC power that you need at the time of your crisis.

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