5000 Watt Coleman Generator

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5000 Watt Coleman Generator

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Prepare For The Unexpected With A 5000 Watt Coleman Generator

Being prepared for situations that can cause power outages can be the difference between surviving in comfort and having to deal with hardships such as freezing temperatures and no refrigerator or lights. Conditions such as hurricanes and severe snow storms often result in a loss of power from a few hours to a few weeks depending on the situation. The solution is a portable 5000 watt Coleman Generator. This unit is perfect as a home backup system as it does a nice job powering refrigerators, televisions, heaters and lights. It is often used on construction sites for powering tools as well.

The 5000 watt Coleman Generator has a five gallon tank that will run for approximately five hours at full load or eleven hours at a 50% load. If the oil gets low it has an automatic shutdown to protect the engine from damage. It is also protected with a smart sensor which won't allow it to re-start without adequate oil. The engines for this unit are made by Yamaha, Honda, Mitsubishi and Subaru. It has circuit breaker protection and two 120 electrical volt outlets along with a 120/240 volt outlet with a twist lock. Mobility is made very easy by the solid axle, pneumatic wheels and wheel and handle kit. 

5000 Watt Coleman Generator 

Generators are fueled by natural gas, propane, gas and diesel with electric and manual starters. Diesel is considered to be the safest as it can only be ignited under pressure and produces the most electricity per given volume of fuel. The 5000 watt Coleman Generator has an overhead valve engine that allows it to operate at maximum efficiency. This also contributes to keeping the noise levels low. The loud noise level has prevented many people from purchasing generators. But the new systems are manufactured with noise reducing devises which can be compared to the quiet of the large standby units. 

The 5000 watt Coleman Generator is certainly a great choice for homeowners staying ahead of its competitor the Husky 6250 for owner satisfaction. Whether you are preparing your home for the threat of power outages due to severe weather or plan to use it for camp outs or construction sites you will be very satisfied with the Coleman. They are easy to store, easy to move and large enough to power all your necessary accessories.

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